Born in 1948 in Kimbembele-Ihunga, Zaire (DRC). Lives and works in Kinshasa,(DRC).

Body Isek Kingelez
La Ville de Sète en 3009, 2000
New Manhattan City 3021, 2001-2002
Projet pour le Kingshasa du troisième millénnaire, 1997
Ville Fantôme 1996


Born in 1968 in Gwangju, South Korea. Won lives and works in Los Angeles.

Won Ju Lim
24 Seconds of silence, 2008
Blue, 2003
Schielmann´s Troy, 2001
View to installation baroque pet shop, 2010


Born in 1976, Notthigam,lives and works in London.

Rich White

Nest, 2011
Intervention, 2007
CUBElab, 2008


Born in 1970 in Japan. Now based in Tokyo.

Katsumi Hayakawa
Reflection, 2011
Reflection(detail), 2011
Floating, 2011
Transcolor, 2011
Permutation(detail), 2011
Traffic left, 2011
Traffic left(detail), 2011


Born in 1964, Lebanon. Lives and works in Beirut.

Marwan Rechmaoui
Spectre(The Yacoubian Building, Beirut, 2006
Spectre(The Yacoubian Building, Beirut, 2006
Spectre(The Yacoubian Building, Beirut, 2006
Spectre(The Yacoubian Building, Beirut, 2006

Spectre (The Yacoubian Building, Beirut) is an exact replica of Rechmaoui’s former apartment building. The building was evacuated in 2006 during the military conflict with Israel, and is presented as eerily vacant, signifying the abrupt end of its use and the abandoned lives of its inhabitants. Made from concrete and glass, held together by grout and thin wooden strips, the structure subtly buckles and warps in a precarious balance. Details such as shop front signs and colourful house-proud doors barred behind security screens point to a once vibrant community and its deterioration, evidencing the cultural, political and economic shifts that transform locality and mark an increasingly unstable and anxious relationship to place.


Living and working in New Mexico.

Michael Borowski
Restless wellings, 2010
Restless wellings, 2010
Suitcase, 2010
Make/Shift - Window/Seat, 2011
Make/Shift - Window/Seat, 2011
Make/Shift - Window/Seat, 2011
Make/Shift - Bed/Lean, 2011

Vaughn Bell

Born in 1978 Syracuse, New York. Curently lives nad works in Seattle.

Vaughn Bell
One big house, 2009
One big house, 2009
The personal biosphere, 2004
Village green, 2008